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Deadzone - Rebs: Support Booster (5)

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The Corporation has more than its share of enemies both within its borders and further afield. The Rebellion opens its arms to dissidents, free-thinkers and radicals from all races, hoping to one day overthrow the GCPS and bring freedom to the galaxy. Although the Corporations are superficially welcoming to aliens, their only real aim is to exploit their knowledge and technology. While many races allow this, not seeing an alternative, there are others that join the Rebellion and fight against this oppression. Even pacifists such as the Judwan have skills to bring to the resistance, while lesser races such as the Zees act as battlefield scouts and scavengers.

This set contains five premium plastic Rebs miniatures (two Zee Scavengers, one Judwan medic, one Kraaw Warrior and one TK-Zero Weapons Team including firer and loader) plus bases.

* 2 x Zee Scavengers
* 1 x Judwan Medic
* 1 x Kraaw Warrior
* 1 x TK-Zero Firer
* 1 x TK-Zero Loader
* 6 x 25mm Mantic bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Sprueless Plastic requires super glue.
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