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War Of The Dead (Chapter One)

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WHERE WERE YOU ON THE DAY THE EARTH DIED? An unexplained cataclysm is infecting the world. Millions are dying and rising as flesh-consuming ghouls. Entire cities are roaming graveyards, and even the countryside is overrun with creatures in search of living flesh. You begin in the first days of the outbreak, trapped aboard the maiden voyage of a state-of-the-art cruise ship that quickly becomes a floating graveyard. As you manage to escape back to land, the world around you is just about dead. The military can’t stop the spread of the infection, the government has relocated to the Rocky Mountains, and those remaining are banding together for survival—some seeking safety in numbers and others seeking to use their numbers to overpower and dominate the weak. War of the Dead as a four-chapter adventure series that takes you from the first stages of the outbreak, and all the way into a world forever war torn and changed by the advancement of the Living Dead!
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