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Magic World RPG: Advanced Sorcery

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It had taken days for Curumir to attain the summit of the Copper Peaks. He stood at the highest point in the realm, casting his gaze across the land. There was a sickness in the valley; a sickness fey and malign. Black mist crept from Lake Nauriel, and the Count's Court had fallen silent.
In his mind, he pierced the veil between the world, and other places. From these places he drew forth power: elemental fire, the cold of space, the winds of time. And as he drew them together, he knew the land's malady.
Somewhere, the Dragon stirred…

Advanced Sorcery is a supplement to the Magic World roleplaying game.. Whether steeped in philosophy and existentialism, or action and carnage, the one commonality to all tales of fantasy is the influence of the supernatural on the natural world. Mages, wizards and sorcerers force the world to bend to their will. They grab the raw stuff, the fundamental essence of the universe, and force it to do their bidding.
Advanced Sorcery adds new options to players of Magic World, as well as other Basic Roleplaying-based roleplaying games. Within this book are five distinct chapters:

Within this book are five distinct chapters:

• Deep Magic: learn to pull and re-weave the threads that form the web of reality.
• The Summoner’s Art expanded rules for summoning demons and elementals.
• Runes are magical symbols which can be combined for intricate and devastating effects.
• Necromancy whether to cheat, or enslave Death, necromancers are among the most foul magicians ever known.
• Herbalism details simple and natural concoctions of herbs which can heal, harm or entrance the imbiber.
• Advanced Sorcery adds over two dozen new sorcery spells to your sorceror's arsenal of mystical power.
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