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Dino Race

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How did dinosaurs become extinct? Nobody knows for sure... But now you can try to save your species from extinction, running as fast as possible through the prehistoric landscape, while avoiding the nasty tricks of your opponents!

Dino Race is a crazy race for two to four players, age 6 and up. Optional rules allow up to 8 people to join the fun!

Each player controls a couple of dinosaurs, running away from a raging volcano and a river of lava, toward safety. A precious dino egg must be carried out - And as precious as it is, it's quite a burden to carry while you are running!

You will play cards from your hand to get your dinos to run through plains, swamps, woods and deserts, and to play tricks upon your opponents.

The special event die will generate random effects, like card draws and the dreaded ''Eruption'', to make the race more fun and challenging.

Dino Race includes 8 beautiful figures of cute dinosaurs, 1 sculpted dino egg, 16 modular terrain tiles to form the racing track, the event dice, 52 playing cards, tokens and counters.
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