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Patronize: Promote The Arts In The World Of Love Letter!

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Despite recent storms of economic and political turmoil, the city-state of Tempest continues to be a fertile ground for the arts and sciences. The wealthiest families maintain their status by giving patronage to sculptors, painters, composers... and, when necessary, even forgers and charlatans. Will you back the right people, and ensure that your family name is immortalized with the great accomplishments of the age

In Patronize, you are the head of an influential house. You must choose when to support a given personality's endeavors, and when to sit back and try to profit from others' work. Choose wisely, and your family can lay claim to many great accomplishments; choose poorly, and your family name will be of interest only to historians.

At its heart, Patronize is a trick-taking game, but one in which the decision to act or pass is a key strategic choice. Each personality card has differing strengths and weaknesses, and losing a hand can be a benefit if you can use the card’s powers to gain the accomplishments you need to outscore your opponents. With fast play and strategic depth, you'll want o play it again and again!

Patronize is a fast and fun trick-taking game from Japanese designer Hisashi Hayashi (Trains, Sail to India).


*29 cards (incl. reference cards)
*37 wooden cubes

Players: 3 - 5 | Playing Time: 20 minutes | Ages: 14 +
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