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Shadowrun RPG: Hell On Water (Novel)

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Six shadowrunners. Three mysterious packages. And twelve kilometers of a dangerous, dilapidated bridge across one of the wildest sprawls of the Sixth World.

It should be a simple job. Retrieve three sealed packages, then take them across the city of Lagos to their destination. All the runners' skills will be test–they'll face ambushes, double-crosses, and more, and along the way they might be able to answer the question of just what's in those packages, and why they're so important.

The team has a lot on their side, including a street samurai who's a legend on the streets, a hotshot rigger with a lot of enemies, a young shaman seeking justice, a decker with a dark secret, and a pair of pros from Seattle trying to keep up with everything the unfamiliar sprawl throws at them. But the deadly streets and sinister neighborhoods of Lagos contain their own unique dangers, and it'll take every trick the runners know to complete their missions and escape the city in one piece...
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Price right, but a hard read
By StephenA . - Aug. 9, 2020

"I'm an avid reader, and I like Shadowrun novels. This one was written in a different fashion (from a story-teller's point of view) but it was really hard to get into, and even harder to keep my interest. Usually I'll finish a book like this in 2-3 days, but it's been 2 months and I've only gotten half-way through...."
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