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Super Dungeon Explore: Kunoichi Candy

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Two pack Kunoichi Candy and Ninja Cola both with mini-boss/hero game cards
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Cute "chibi" mini team, but needs some work
By Jordan . - Oct. 9, 2017

""Super Dungeon Explore" has been popular in my game group, so I "had" to get this. If you like the chibi style of Super Dungeon Explore, this won't disappoint (and if you hate "chibi," then at least this shouldn't be any surprise). As with other SDE minis, the semi-textured base is somewhat hobbled by the large "slot" in the center that cuts into (and does not integrate with) the "cobblestone floor" texture style of the base's top. A bit of green stuff or other epoxy putty is therefore useful in order to hide the "slot," and to make the texture look more uniform when painting. My only real qualm with this is the same problem I had with Nyan-Nyan (cat-girl figure): The "dynamic pose" of the figure combined with the huge noggin of a "chibi" figure means that the model has a center of gravity that makes it prone to topple over, and there's a lot of weight-stress going through a very thin joint where the tiny foot touches the slotted portion of the base. I ended up having to cut the figure from its tab, use some putty to blend in the "slot" area, and then I had to pin the figure with the foot closer to the edge (but the rest of the body centered over the base itself) in order to distribute the weight in a more stable way. Given how tiny the feet were, however, the pinning was especially troublesome. (And the little fox sidekick? No trouble at all. He's too small to have balance issues. :) ) For model-making purposes, this wasn't THAT hard of a fix, but if you're hoping to have a figure that's ready to go RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX, its tendency to topple over on account of its own weight is likely to be a nuisance, and should be taken into account."
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