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Bushido, Risen Sun: (Silvermoon Trade Syndicate) Dakufaia

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The children raised in the monasteries who are taught the teaching of Subarashi Baransu may not be all able to complete their training and return home to continue the cycle that has been in place for many generations. Dakufaia, although a promising student has a gnawing rage that burna inside him from an unknown trauma that could not be dowsed by the secrets of the temple. After many failed attempts to help and guide the boy, the masters could not continue his training due to his anger and temper. With no choice but to travel the city to try and survive, this natural fighter earned his living from the Martials arts learnt in his training. In the Silvermoon, he also found his family and received their acceptance, in which he had eluded for so long.

This blister includes two models, two 30 mm bases and two full colour profile cards

Please Note: This model is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
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