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Savage Worlds RPG: (Suzerain) Dogs Of Hades

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Garden of Athena is a planet of adventures among the ancient Greeks… but in the far future, with energy spears and Pulse shields. Experience science fiction with epic politics, and epic battles to make all the Greek poets proud.

Nearby barbarian planets are subdued, mostly, and the city states are at the height of their power. Yet all is not well in the state of Methone. By the time this epic’s told, the characters will either be Heroes, or tragic witnesses to the end of an era.

Draw your Hades blade and fight for all that's right.

Inside the covers you'll find:

* All the world detail you'll need to run games in the Garden of Athena.

* Over 50 new edges, hindrances and powers.

* Stats for all manner of new NPCs, barbarians and creatures of mythology to use as allies and adversaries.

* A detailed equipment guide for weapons, armor, vehicles and more sci-fi Greek technology.

* 30 scenarios including a full plot-point campaign that will take your characters from Novice up to Heroic rank.
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