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Starblazer Adventures RPG: Mindjammer

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Mindjammer is the brand new sourcebook for the Starblazer Adventures game, set in the strange and distant future of our own planet Earth. It is a cool yet believable science-fiction setting of lost worlds, incredible technologies, and clashing civilizations.

Mindjammer gives you everything you need to play far-future, transhuman space opera with the Starblazer rules. Play genetically advanced heroes, wield the awesome powers of technopsi, explore the virtual spaces of the infinite Mindscape. You can even play a sentient starship character!

Mindjammer is 200 pages of transhuman space opera goodness, and includes new gear, exotic races, even rules for cultures and cultural conflict. It's a vast setting, with plenty of room for your own campaign, and the core book contains a complete octant of worlds, with maps and stats, and a introductory mini-campaign - ''The Black Zone'' - of four linked adventures.

Charge your blaster, think your commands to the starship's brain, and fire up the planing engines - come and defend the light of humanity's greatest civilization as it spreads to the stars!
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