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Malifaux: (The Arcanists) Burning Revelation (Kaeris Crew Box)

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Kaeris the fire witch is an Arcanist master that likes to play with fire and works by giving the burning condition to her crew members, allowing them to use additional abilities when in range of her when they have this condition. Her main tactics revolve around managing or exploiting the Burning condition on models near her. Along with the manic Firestarter henchmen, Eternal Flame and 3 Fire Gamins, her crew are about to burn don the house.

Kaeris is also a very mobile and durable master with a diverse skillset, but most of that skillset is setting things on fire.
She is equally capable of piling enough heat on enemies to reduce them to ashes and slag, or keeping her crew alive long enough to see the mission through. She can stand toe-to-toe with some of Malifaux's hardest hitters or jet across the battlefield to claim one last objective.

Box set includes highly detailed plastic miniatures of Kaeris, 3 Fire Gamins, Eternal Flame and Firestarter, bases and stat cards.

Please note: Miniatures come unpainted and some assembly may be required.
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