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Mysterium: Core Game

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A horrible crime has been committed on the grounds of Warwick Manor and it's up to the psychic investigators to get to the bottom of it. In Mysterium, one player takes on the role of the ghost and over the course of a week, tries to lead the investigators to their culprit. Each night the team will be met with visions, but what is the ghost trying to tell you? Can the psychics determine the weapon, location and killer or will a violent criminal pull off the perfect murder? 2-7 players Ages 10+ 30-45 minute play time Contains: 6 Intuition tokens 6 Sleeves 6 Clairvoyance level markers 36 Clairvoyance tokens 1 Clock board 4 Progress boards 18 Character psychic cards 18 Location psychic cards 18 Object psychic cards 1 Sand timer 18 Character ghost cards 18 Location ghost cards 18 Object ghost 6 Ghost tokens 84 Vision cards 6 Culprit tokens 3 Crow markers 1 Clairvoyance track 1 Rule book
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By Casca . - Nov. 8, 2017

"Fun for anyone who loves mysterious things. Very alluring in concept and execution. Be sure to play some moody music in the background, and keep the lights turned down. But not too low. You wouldn't want to miss any of the artwork."
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