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Bubblegumshoe RPG: A Teen Detective Story Game

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The world is full of mysteries. It's up to your group of intrepid teen sleuths to solve them. In Bubblegumshoe, players step into the shoes of high-schoolers solving mysteries in a modern American small town. Discover clues, solve problems, and throw down with enemies in this streamlined RPG based on the GUMSHOE system.

In this stand-alone game, you'll find:

*Rules to create your Sleuth's web of relationships and make the most of GUMSHOE's resource-management
*A simple setting system designed for large scale town creation all the way down to scene locations, plus extensive information on Drewsbury, a ready-to-go setting
*A variety of short mystery starters, including a full introductory mystery: Hey! That's My Bike!
*Extensive support to help GMs create their own mysteries using preestablished characters and settings
*Rules for social Throwdowns as well as physical altercations to reflect the drama of high school noir
*A slimmed-down list of investigative abilities vs GUMSHOE's default to make for faster decision making
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