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High Frontier (Boxed Game)

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High Frontier is the third edition of Phil Eklund's game of exploration and exploitation of our solar system, and is considered to be the most realistic simulation of rocket travel ever published.

The 3rd edition is the definitive edition of High Frontier including:
* Rewritten rules to simplify play, eliminate exceptions and exploits and clarify ambiguity
* A more physically accurate fuel strip replaces the rocket diagram
* Landing burns better model landing on and taking off from large sites
* 36 new double-sided cards including 21 new patent cards, glories, ventures and radical side crew factions
* Redesign and rebalancing of the 84 existing cards from the Basic and Colonization games
* Separate colony counters, new and rebalanced futures for deep, competitive play experiences
* Expanded and corrected maps based on the latest information and images from the Dawn and New Horizons probes
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