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Tokens & Markers: Star Wars X-Wing Complete Tokens Set (80pcs) Blue

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Compatible with X-Wing and legal during offi‑cial tournaments. A great way to upgrade your X-Wing collection with high quality plexiglass tokens. Sets are created to match various requirements of X-Wing fans and to make the gaming experience even better.

We offer one large set with 10 pieces of each token available, as well as smaller sets with 10 pieces of one token type.

Inside our X-Wing complete Tokens set you will find:

1 Set of 10 Ion tokens.
1 Set of 10 Shield tokens.
1 Set of 10 Stress tokens.
1 Set of 10 Focus tokens.
1 Set of 10 Evade tokens.
1 Set of 10 pairs of matching Target Locks (20 tokens in total, 10 Orange and 10 Blue)
1 Set of 10 Critical Hit tokens.
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