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Black Orchestra (2nd Edition)

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As Hitler's grasp on Germany tightens and his maniacal fervor is unmasked, individuals from the highest levels of the Reich begin to plot his assassination. As the clock ticks and Hitler's ambitions grow, these daring few must build their strength and prepare for the perfect moment to strike. The Gestapo chase these conspirators, calling them ''Schwarze Kapelle'', the Black Orchestra. Will this band of daring patriots save their country from utter ruin before it is too late?

Join the historic conspiracy known as the Black Orchestra, where you work together with the other players to free Germany from the iron grip of the Third Reich the only way possible - killing Adolf Hitler. Race across World War II Europe to gather items and information, search for the perfect assassination plot, and time events just right so that you can catch the Führer in your trap. But beware – Hitler's top lieutenants and the ruthless Gestapo are lurking and ever-vigilant in seeking out conspirators against the Reich.

Each player will choose a historic figure involved in the conspiracy against Hitler. Players use special abilities, attempt plots, and even become zealous (necessary for some extremely daring plots). But every move you make may also increase the suspicion of the authorities. If you are all arrested or if the Gestapo finds your secret papers, you lose. To win, players must collect a plot card and fulfill all necessary requirements.

Work together and agree on the wisest course of action to succeed. Cool heads often prevail, but play it too cool and you may miss your chance.

Players: 1-5 | Playing Time: 45-75 minutes | Ages: 13+
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