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Balloon Pop!

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In Balloon Pop, each player has a score sheet with 6 columns on it. You will roll dice, and record the results by circling numbers from the bottom of the column, going up. This increases your potential score in each of the 6 categories. Each dice face has a balloon color and a shape, so each dice rolled will result in you circling 2 numbers. You may mitigate the luck at the time of occurrence by re-rolling dice. You are given 3 dice to roll to begin with. If you choose to re-roll some or all of the dice, you are given an additional dice to roll as well, which means you will be circling more total results. You may choose to re-roll a second time, adding yet another dice. This means you can better control the results of the dice, and you're ascending the columns to higher potential scores more quickly.

However, at the top of each column is a different colored number that is much lower than the numbers right before it. This is your balloon popping because it went too high. But more than that, it triggers a 'break' - at the end of the current lap around the table, everyone will score based on their current positions on their columns. You want to go high, but you don't want to be the one who triggers the break, because you'll be dropping your score right before scoring happens. You want to run up to the line, but not be the one to cross it... you want to be in the path of luck when it happens. After 3 breaks, players total their scores to see who wins.
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