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Miniature Tokens & Templates: The Trolls Token Pack

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It's time to call forth the Kriels! They will surely gather for these full color vibrant tokens that oooze Northkin. Comes with everything you need to play in MKIII!

Token List:

Upkeeps: Arcane Ward, Battle Charged, Snow Shroud, Bullet Dodger, Snipe, Marked for Death, Weald Secrets, Calamity, Guardian Protector, Discord, Admonition, Unminding, Wild Aggression, Fortune, Guardian Beast, Mirage, Pursuit, Quicken, Tactical Supremacy, Sure Foot, Blood Fury, Warpath, Pulverizer, Hot-Shot, Explosivo

Spells: Mosh Pit, Wind Wall, Star-Crossed, Guided Fire, 2 Return Fire, 3 Boundless Charge, Dash, Deflection, Implacability, 2 Stranglehold, 2 Mortality, 2 Magic Bullet, 3 Guided Hand, Stone Fall

Abilities: Party Foul, Stumbling Drunk, Bait the Line, Cacophony, Heroic Ballad, Hoof It, 2 Deafen, Call of Troqal, Hand of Yolandi, Strength of Molgur, Blood Lure, 2x March, 2 War Cry, 2 Righteous Vengeance, 2 Chiller, 2 Charge of the Trolls, 2 Hero's Tragedy, 2 Tale of Mist, 6 Puppet Master, Protective Aura, Combat Warding, Spirit Chaser, Stone Strength, 11 Dig In, Call of Defiance, Fervor, 2 Vengeance, Harmonious Exaltation, 3 Rituals of Power

Animi: 3 Rage, 2 Lucky Shot, 2 Earth's Blessing, 2 Frozen Ground, 2 Arcane Suppression, 2 Flaming Fists, 2 Primal, 2 Acidic Touch, 2 Lightning Fists, 2 Swarm, 2 Rush, 2 Winter Coat

Generic: 33 Fury, 2 Mini Feat, Feat
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