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Miniature Tokens & Templates: Holy Crusaders Token Pack

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New MKIII Color acrylic faction set for Menoth! Use fire to purify the unclean, not only with MKIII tokens added but also the entire set has been tweaked and improved to be better for gameplay.

Token List:

Upkeeps: Bulwark, Hallowed Avenger, Hex Hammer, Ignite, Escort, Firestarter, Inviolable Resolve, Sacrosanct, Death Sentence, Defender's Ward, Vision, Arcane Ward, Creator's Wrath, Rebuke, Synergy, Brand of Heresy, Lamentation, Assail, Death March, Cloak of Ash, Hand of Fate, Gates of Death, Occultation, Silence of Death, Admonition, Penitence, Fortify, Banishing Ward

Spells: 3 Boundless Charge, Deceleration, Engine of Destruction, Castigate, Awareness, Mobility, 2 The Flesh is Weak, Spellpiercer, Crusader's Call, 3 Guided Hand, Carnage, 2 Stranglehold, True Path

Abilities: Curse, Menoth's Gaze, Hand of Vengeance, Imprint, 3 Righteous Vengeance, 2 Flare, 2 Aegis, 2 Imbued Force, 2 Warding, 6 Battle, 6 Passage, 6 Shielding, 2 Vengeance, 2 Battle-Driven, 3 Fervor, 3 Path of Flames, 3 Warding, 3 Holy Monolith, 2 Shield Wall, Menoth's Sight, 2 Shifting Sands Stance, Harmonious Exaltation, 4 Stone-and-Mortar Stance, 2 Righteous Fury, 2 Ashes of Urcaen, 2 Glimpse of Fate, Flames of Wrath, Lawgiver's Creed, Power of Faith, 2 Enliven, 2 Prey, 2 Fire Beacon, 2 Combat Coordination, 2 High-Angle Fire

Generic: 33 Focus, 2 Mini Feat, Feat
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