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Iron Kingdoms: Acts of War II - Aftershock [Novel]

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The Drums of War Beat Louder in Acts of War II: Aftershock!

In this exciting sequel to last year's best-selling novel Acts of War I: Flashpoint, Lord General Coleman Stryker marches his Cygnaran army deeper into the divided nation of Llael after defeating enemy Khadoran forces in their first clash, but he is unprepared for the avalanche of a massive Khadoran counterstrike. The Khadoran empress and her Supreme Kommandant send their nation's most fearsome warcasters to retaliate against the invaders to secure her conquered territories at any cost. Hope comes in the form of Ashlynn d'Elyse, warcaster and leader of the Llaelese Resistance, a woman with no love for Cygnar but who could make for a powerful ally if convinced to help.

Aftershock continues the epic war begun in Flashpoint and expands the first and best series to introduce readers to the Iron Kingdoms!
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