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Wrath & Glory RPG: Starter Set

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The events that are occurring in the Dark Imperium of Warhammer 40,000 8th edition forms the central backdrop for Wrath & Glory. Characters adventuring into the Dark Imperium witness firsthand the dire threat that the Great Rift brings to the galaxy. Wrath & Glory has a brand-new game system involving dice pools of d6s to represent your character's abilities. The game focuses on highlighting brutal combat, fast action, and a deep immersion into the setting of the 41st Millennium.

10 Wrath & Glory Specialty Dice (9 black, 1 red)
2 Double-Sided Battle Maps
Beginner’s Rulebook
New Starter Adventure (''Escape Da Rok'')
6 Pre-Generated Characters on Deluxe Character Sheets
Acrylic Tokens for Characters, Enemies, and NPCs
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