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CounterFact Magazine: #6 The 1938 Czech Crisis - A Huge ''What If''

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Issue Contents:
The 1938 Czech Crisis: A Huge ''What If'' By Ty Bomba
The Italo-Turkish War of 1911-12 By Philip Sharp
Analysis: Persian Strategy in Greece By James Bowden
The Russian Civil War & Today’s Russian Army By Gilberto Villahermosa
Verdun 1916: The Year of Decision By J.E. Kaufmann & H.W. Kaufmann

Issue Game:
1938: What If? is a low-intermediate complexity two-player alternative history wargame. It investigates the parameters of the first month of the conflict that likely would've resulted had the Czechoslovakians refused to accept the Munich agreement. Had they been willing to fight, the Soviets were pledged to come to their aid as fully and directly as possible. That intervention would've immediately escalated the crisis beyond a Czech-German one and into the realm of (at least) a major regional war across Central-Eastern Europe. That war, in turn, would've cast Poland as at least a co-belligerent of Germany, since the Warsaw government insisted it would defend its nation's territorial integrity against all comers, and the only practical route for a large-scale Red Army advance toward Czechoslovakia ran through Poland. At the same time, the Poles and Czechoslovakians had territorial and political grievances against each other going back to 1919, while Hungary similarly coveted the latter's province of Slovakia.

...and much, much more!
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