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Cruel Seas: British Royal Navy Fleet

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Great Britain never built a vessel as fast or as deadly as the E-boats, instead, fielding many types of MTB and motor gunboats. After a slow start, the Royal Navy helped by construction in the USA, Canada and India, built an extraordinary catalogue of excellent small boats, supported by larger vessels which gave serious firepower and, using the characteristics of each boat to maximum effect, fielded mixed formations supported by destroyers or powerful gun equipped LCTs. They generally fought at night and using radar and radiotelephone, coupled with RAF and fleet air arm support and even secret information from intercepts they fought the Kriegsmarine to a standstill and by 1944, with hugely superior numbers and technological advantage truly ruled any waters which they chose to dominate.

The British Royal Navy Fleet Contains:

2 x Plastic Early Vosper MTBs
2 x Plastic Mid/Late Vosper MTBs
2 x Fairmile D (resin and metal)
1 x Armed Trawler (resin and metal)
1 x Bristol Beaufighter Mk Ic (metal)
Ship Cards
Plastic Torpedo markers

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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