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Alien vs Predator (AVP): Hot Landing Zone (The Hunt Begins Expansion)

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AvP Hot Landing Zone is first major expansion for AvP The Hunt Begins boardgame. It features new gamaplay environment, new models, new campaign, new ruleset and much more. But most important, it introduces Cheyenne Dropship as a part of gameplay.

The Expansion comes with 12 all-new UniCast miniatures, that are part of default setup when you play game in campaign mode. New Miniatures are Prisoners and Synthetic leading them, Alien Spitters and lone hunter, Predator Tracker equipped with Falcon drones.

As USCSS Theseus crashlanded on a jungle planet, Hot Landing Zone features new type of terrain - jungle. Expansion comes with 22 new map tiles, all are jungle-themed, including ''rooms'' - this is Jungle Clearing, Waterfall Bottom and Cliff Top. Main purpose of them is to be Dropship's landing zones.

We have implemented long awaited element of AvP's lore, the Cheyenne Dropship into the board game. Of course it's not going to be fully usable as weapon, because that would result in everything being blown up in first turn, and we do not want that. Instead, you can use Dropship during a game as a ''taxi'' and to call a tactical bombardment of a jungle. Both operations are requiring from player meeting certain conditions to be met and the ''Call the cavalry'' special action is available only in advanced game mode. Real model is not necessary for gamplay, we are providing a special tile representing Dropship, once it has landed.

Of course - story of USCSS Theseus is not ending on the crashsite. We have prepared fully-blown all-new campaign letting you decide fate of survivors. 8 missions, all with backstory and connecting with mainstory line - this is ''Hot Landing Zone''.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
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