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Ancient History Magazine: Issue #20

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Ancient History Magazine 20 with a multitude of people: the Achaemenid empire

Theme: A multitude of people: the Achaemenid empire

John Curtis, 'Introduction to an empire - Welcome to Achaemenid Persia'.
Sidney E. Dean, 'Cyrus the Great's policy of religious tolerance and benign rule - Enlightenment or calculation'.
Irene Madreiter, 'Achaemenid queens: between fact and fiction - Loving mothers, viragos, poisoners?'.
Touraj Daryaee, 'The Achaemenid commonwealth project - Holding the empire together'.
Jona Lendering, 'Why did Alexander burn Persepolis - Sacker of cities'.
D.T. Potts, '''Glamping'' in the Achaemenid empire - The tent of the great king'


Manon Henzen, 'Clay tablet recipes - Mesopotamian lamb stew'.
Arienne King, 'An Egyptian goddess among Olympians - The cult of Isis in ancient Greece'.
Alana N. Newman, 'Cultivating the royal persona - Arsinoë II as the people's queen'.
Lindsay Powell, 'The boy made god revived - Ave, vive, Antinoe!'.
Angela Pisani, 'Ancient history book reviews - Mythos'.

...and much much more!
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