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Chessex Dice Sets: Menagerie #10 - Marble Oxi-Copper w/white Polyhedral Dice Set (7)

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Polyhedral Dice Set (one each of the d4, d6 w/numbers, d8, d10, Tens 10™, d12 & d20 shapes)
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Copper Dice
By Alexis . - May. 2, 2019

"I love the idea of this design, as I'm a fan of both teal and copper. However, just like with the other Marble colors (Green and Ivory), these can be very hit-or-miss. Some have a ton of metallic shimmer, others you need a microscope to find. These fell somewhere in the middle, but leaning towards the less copper. My d4 in particular is like 1% copper, 99% teal, but I realize I just got unlucky. This is probably a set you'll want to pick out in person so you can find the really swirly ones. However, the color is still really saturated and nice, so they're still very pretty dice. Also, GKO sent these out (I pre-ordered them) on a Monday, and they were in my hands on Wednesday. You literally cannot beat these guys. Thanks!"
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