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Chessex Dice Sets: Menagerie #10 - Festive Sunburst w/red Polyhedral Dice Set (7)

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Polyhedral Dice Set (one each of the d4, d6 w/numbers, d8, d10, Tens 10™, d12 & d20 shapes)
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By Alexis . - May. 2, 2019

"As the review title suggests, these are very bright dice. The "Sunburst" name is appropriate here. If you're not a fan of neon-like colors, you might want to pass. However, if you're like myself, and you like very bold dice, then you'll probably love these. I really love the ink and resin(?) colors of these dice. They definitely stand out. However, that being said, as with most other Festives, they are prone to variation between sets, and even between individual dice. The ones I received were not quite as swirly as I'd have hoped, hence the 4/5 stars. Other than that, they're a bold and eye-catching addition to Chessex's lineup! Also, GKO sent these out (I pre-ordered them) on a Monday, and they were in my hands on Wednesday. You literally cannot beat these guys. Thanks!"
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