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Ancient History Magazine: Issue #21

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Ancient History Magazine 21 with Living the urban dream: Cities in the ancient world

The development of cities during antiquity is often seen as an important milestone in human history. However, these ancient population centres don't always adhere neatly to our modern definition of a 'city'.

Ancient History Magazine 21

Theme: Living the urban dream: Cities in the ancient world

Jona Lendering, 'Ancient cities and modern definitions - Incredibly incomprehensible'.
David Jeffreys, 'An ancient Egyptian capital - The mystery of Memphis'.
Arjan Zuiderhoek, 'Politics in ancient Greek cities - People power'.
Andrea Vincenti, 'Building an imperial city in Spain - Augusta Emerita'.
Jona Lendering, 'An ancient city transformed - Constantinople'.


James Blake Wiener, 'A conversation with Dr. David Saunders - Underworld: Imagining the afterlife'.
Manon Henzen, 'Flavours of the ancient world - A question of taste'.
Colleen Darnell and John Colemen Darnell, 'The pharaoh as scholar - Knowledge is power'.
Lindsay Powell, 'From comic to cultural phenomenon - Asterix'.
Carole Raddato, 'A meeting point between east and west - Exploring Mount Nemrut'.

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