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Warmachine: (Infernals) Tormentor – Infernal Heavy Horror (metal/resin)

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The larger horrors sent forth by the infernals are massive hulks, their strange hides resistant to cutting and resilient against all but the mightiest blows. A Tormentor threshes through mortal warriors, severing limbs and inflicting other ghastly wounds. To this creature, a living body is just clay, something easily and brutally dismantled to separate the soul from the flesh that anchors it to Caen. Each of its massive toothy attack claws contains an open throat ready to swallow any flesh or metal it tears loose. Some believe these mouths to be themselves portals to the Outer Abyss.

TRADE POINTS: The Tormentor is the core heavy horror of the Infernal forces. It provides a strong melee presence to bring down durable enemy models, and thanks to Countercharge, it can punish enemy models that stray too close. The Tormentor is best paired with Cultist Bands (PIP 38005), which can heal and replenish its Essence.
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