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Wild Safari Prehistoric World: Wolly Rhinoceros

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The Woolly Rhinoceros was a prehistoric beast resembling the rhinos of today, except that it was covered in a thick fur to protect it from the freezing climate of its Ice Age environment.

Scientific Name: Coelodonta (“Hollow Tooth”)
Characteristics: The Woolly Rhino was a large, furry mammal with a pronounced hump on its back and two horns sprouting from its nose. The larger of the two horns could grow up to two feet in length! This Woolly Rhino figure captures these features in scientifically accurate, realistic detail, reconstructing this prehistoric mammal in a walking pose, with its head bowed.
Size and Color: This figure measures 6 ¾ inches long from the tip of its curved horn to the heel of its foot. It stands 3 inches tall to the top of its hump, and is hand-painted with varying tones of brown to help accentuate its details.
The Woolly Rhino is part of the Wild Safari® Prehistoric World collection
Non-toxic and BPA free
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