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Dragons: Lava Dragon

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The Lava Dragon was born within the deepest volcano, springing forth from the depths in a historic eruption that unleashed its fiery fury on the world. The Lava Dragon is a fearsome foe that strikes terror in the hearts of even the most courageous would-be dragon slayers.

Scientific Name: Draco magma
Characteristics: This dragon embodies the molten core of the Earth. Its wings beat a cloud of sooty volcanic ash and it rears its long neck and horned head as it prepares to let forth a jet of hot magma from its wide open mouth.
Size and Color: The Lava Dragon figure features a 7 ½ inch wide wingspan and is over 6 ½ inches tall. Its coloration is fiery oranges, yellows and reds, with ashy dark tips on its wings.
The Lava Dragon is part of the Dragons collection
Non-toxic and BPA free
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