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Ancient Warfare Magazine: Volume 13, Issue #1

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Ancient Warfare XIII.1 with Hellenistic mercenary armies in Southern Italy

Tarentum in southern Italy may have been a Spartan colony, but when it was under pressure from first its Italic neighbours and then Rome itself, it preferred to call in some help from abroad.

Ancient Warfare XIII.1

Theme: Hellenistic mercenary armies in Southern Italy

Tristan Hughes, 'Hellenistic kings meddling in Italy - Hired help from overseas'.
Walter Goralski, 'A new reconstruction of Heraclea - Pyrrhus meets Rome'.
Paul Michael Bardunias, 'A king in search of a kingdom - Cleonymus of Sparta'.
Nicholas Sekunda, 'Deployment at Asculum - The army of Pyrrhus'.


Murray Dahm, 'Completing the hoplite accoutrement - The well-greaved Greek'.
Svenja Fabian, 'Gladiators and the Roman army - The disgraced as soldiers'.
Graham Wrightson, 'Combined arms and integrated warfare, part I - All together now'.
Tacticus, 'Taktikè Technè, part x - Swordsmanship in the Graeco-Roman world'.
Murray Dahm, 'Panels from a missing Roman arch - Trajan's lost Praetorians'.
Duncan B. Campbell, 'Hospital staff in the Roman army - Running the Valetudinarium'.

...and much, much more!!
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