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Savage Worlds RPG: Sagas & Six-Guns

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Sagas & Six-Guns is a Savage Worlds Adventure Edition setting and rulebook about a mythical and uninhabited frontier settled by Scandinavian cultures. A mash-up of the Old West and the Old Norse, Sagas & Six-Guns is what happens when Beowulf takes on Grendel with a pair of six-shooters and his trusty axe.

Your heroes will battle everything from cattle rustlers and train robbers, to trolls and maybe even a dragon. You can be anything from a mundane pistolero or gunmaiden, to a runecasting seer, to a Valkyrie cut off from Asgard. The setting and rule-book is written by Robert Buckey, who has teamed up with GALLANT KNIGHT GAMES.

The game utilizes the Savage World: Adventure Edition ruleset. You do need the Savage World: Adventure Edition rulebook to play this game.
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