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My Little Pony RPG: Tails of Equestria - Melody of the Waves

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Welcome to the Singing Sea, an enchanting place of myth and magic to the west of Equestria’s shores. Legends tell that those who sail there sometimes hear delicate songs drifting up from the waters, telling of ancient exploits from the days before Equestria.

These days, the Singing Sea is not so calm. Ancient magic seeps from places of power across the Singing Sea, creating strange phenomena such as the unending Everchill Mists or the sprawling Sea Forest in the south. It across these waters you must sail if you are to uncover the mysteries that await, and prevent a cataclysm that could affect everypony who calls the Singing Sea their home!

Players will encounter new creatures, new friends and lots of open sea adventures in the exciting and expansive Singing Sea. The Tails of Equestria rulebook is required to play this adventure.
• Learn magical songs to help you on your journey of discovery.
• Conquer nature in your very own sailing ship.
• Enlist the help of your friends, old and new, to help you on your way.
• Fill out a full-colour map to record your adventures.
• Face off against mighty creatures from beneath the waves.
• Explore Equestria like never before in this classic sandbox adventure!
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