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Squadron Strike Deluxe

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Any Ship, Any Universe, Fully 3D!

Squadron Strike is the multi-genre space combat game with detailed ships and the speed of play of modern ''Plot-Move-Shoot'' minis games. With three different sets of movement rules, five standard defenses, and over 500 weapon design options, you can make everything from space fighters dogfighting it out to lumbering leviathans of the void slowly moving into gunnery range on someone else's planet. The simultaneous sequence of play removes the downtime of I-Go/U-Go initiative systems, while the enormous range of options means the game never gets boring and repetitive.
For customers who want more variety of ships to play, the line has several supplements, each exploring new universes and new ships.

Able to replicate any setting, with real detail.
2-4 hour playing time
2-6 players; scales like a squad scale minis game at 4-6 ships per player
Has a free smartphone helper app for iOS and Android called the ''AVID Assistant.''
If you can sell Star Wars: Armada and Traveller, you can sell this.
The Deluxe Edition has a full color rulebook!
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