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[Osprey Games] The King is Dead (Second Edition)

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A second edition of The King is Dead, a 2-4 player game of loyalty and politics in Dark Age Britain.

King Arthur is dead. Britain is in dire need of a new ruler to unite the kingdom, for Saxons watch eagerly for an opportunity to invade. Players will muster their limited resources to secure a faction’s dominance of the land, but must also garner the influence for that faction to back them in turn. They must act carefully, for they may find that by garnering a faction’s support, they weaken their position in the kingdom.

The King is Dead: Second Edition refreshes the easily accessible yet strikingly deep game from the first edition with updated design and gorgeous new art, now in a more portable format. The new edition also allows for a new game mode,featuring the capricious fay, as players enter into a stranger vision of past Britain...
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