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Tiny Supers RPG: GallantVerse Campaign Guide

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THE GALLANTVERSE NEEDS HEROES! The GallantVerse Campaign Guide is the first expansion for the award-winning Tiny Supers roleplaying game.

This book is packed with expansion material for your Tiny Supers campaign, including:

GallantVerse setting expansions for South America, The European Union, and archvillain Thule's Atlantis!

Three new archetypes: The Brute, Stalker and Trickster.

New power traits, customization traits and other mechanical enhancements for your hero!

Narrative-focused rules for Strongholds and Bases!

Campaign advice for the GallantVerse and more!

There's a universe waiting for your heroes, so don't make them wait too's time to get super! This book does require the Tiny Supers core rulebook.
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