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[Osprey Games] Stargrave - The Last Prospector

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The Dahlgren Belt was once a vast asteroid mining operation that supplied the entire sector with rare metals and various elemental fuels. However, the isolation of the last war caused the corporation to wither, and the various outposts and colonies were eventually left to look after themselves. Some became true collectives, or limited democracies, while others have fallen to the rule of gangsters, warlords, and despots. In all cases, the limited resources of air and organic material has made life difficult.

In this supplement for Stargrave, the crews must travel from asteroid-to-asteroid, and even down to the system’s one, barely inhabitable planet, searching for a man who claims to have discovered a ‘big score’. During their journey, they’ll fight through numerous different environments — including asteroid mines, zero gravity, and even hellish jungle. They’ll also need to curry favor with the various small political factions that hold power in the Belt. Only through a combination of wits, diplomacy, and the gun can the crews hope to reach the last prospector and gain a share of his claim…
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