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Star Trek Ascendancy: Dominion Breen Starbase

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First introduced for our convention appearances, GF9’s popular Starbase Sets have been a hit for several years and add a certain flair to any game of Star Trek Ascendancy. Starbase sets are available to order either at your friendly local game store, on-line through Amazon, and in our own online store. Starbase sets are high-detail model kits which replace the flat Starbase token found in the game with a 3D game piece. There are seven styles available, including Starbases for the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, the enterprising Ferengi, brutal Cardassians, proud Andorians and, introducing the Breen Confederacy. Each set contains three Starbase models which do require some assembly. We find having superglue handy assists in assembly.

3 Starbases
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