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Dragonflight: The Essential Guide To Playing And Running Dragons (HC)

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Fantasy’s most iconic creatures deserve more than a few pages in another monster compendium. This tome of draconic knowledge offers gamers the opportunity to experience dragons in the most exciting way ever: soaring the skies and amassing a hoard as a playable dragon character! Dragonflight provides extensive mechanics for playing the world’s favorite roleplaying game as a dragon, instructions on how to build the ultimate dragon NPC, biology and history about dragons and their culture, and so much more. If you love dragons and 5th Edition, Dragonflight is for you!

• Complete rules for playable dragon characters
• New dragon types in the familiar categories of chromatic and metallic as well as unique dragon species, including gem dragons, orchid dragons, a horrifying brain-eating species, and more
• The Dragon Designer, 2CGaming’s comprehensive system for building playable dragon characters and detailed dragon NPCs
◦ Mechanics for your dragon’s age category and dragon paradigm (class)
◦ A system for generating a detailed backstory
◦ Legendary action options
◦ Dragonflight formations
◦ Feats based on draconic lore
• Extensive advice on running games for dragons flying solo or a group of dragons, from session zero through an entire campaign
• Unique magic items worthy of a dragon’s hoard
• Mechanics for building a hoard, establishing territory, and setting up a lair, including regional effects and lair actions
• Everything you need to know about dragon biology, history, culture, psychology, and language
• 8 dragon deities with unique lore and dogma
• Extensive rules for implementing Dragonflight in your 5E Epic Legacy games, including 18 Epic spells perfect for dragon characters
• Ecology, history, lair info, and stat blocks for 4 new dragon types: cobblestone, verdant, sigil, and bookwyrms
• Backstory, lair info, hoard inventory, and stat blocks for 4 named dragons of legend
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