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Epic Legacy Campaign Codex (HC)

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The Epic Legacy Campaign Codex expands Epic Legacy, a tried-and-true system for Epic-level 5th Edition play. Both players and DMs can find a wealth of lore in the Campaign Codex to enhance Epic gameplay via the city of Nexus, an interdimensional crossroads replete with the most powerful creatures to ever exist.

• Nexus, City of Legends – a campaign springboard that seamlessly integrates new content into existing Epic 5E campaigns
◦ 30 unique “persons of interest” that infuse life into games set in Nexus
◦ 8 “wonders of Nexus,” unique districts brimming with magic and potential peril
◦ Maps to make the districts come alive at your table
◦ 10 creature stat blocks for more Epic-level combat opportunities
• New, enhanced options for Epic characters
• A system for designing your own Epic prestige classes
• Rules for support classes and character elements that have been added to 5th Edition, like the Epic artificer, the archanic
• 3 brand-new Epic races (kitsune, spellweavers, and vintorio), 14 Epic subraces, and more than 20 Epic racial feats
• New classes and subclass options: the elementalist, the School of Chronomancy, and the College of Cuisine
• Epic DM options
◦ 8 Epic organizations and how to use them to enhance all pillars of play
◦ 4 new Epic rituals
◦ Expanded rules for poisons and diseases
◦ Expanded Deific rules for understanding deities and what it takes to kill one in Epic Legacy
◦ Alchemistry, a system for creating your own elixirs and potions
◦ The Adventurer’s Arsenal, a system for designing your own magical equipment
◦ The Spellforge, rules for creating your own Epic magic
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