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Battleground: (Fantasy Warfare) Undead Army Starter

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Battleground: Fantasy Warfare is a point-based miniatures game but without the miniatures. Battleground uses cards rather than painted models to represent your forces. This means a much lower price as well as easier transportation and setup, but don't be fooled - this is not a 'light' war game or a CCG. Battleground is a serious war game that will challenge you at every step, from army design and deployment to tactical maneuvers and command decisions until battle's end.

Each Battleground army comes in two different decks. Army Starters contain eighteen unit cards, a thirty-card Command Deck and two quickstart reference cards, plus the basic rules. This gives you all the cards you need to get started - in play terms, each unit card is the equivalent of a boxed set of miniatures. Army Reinforcement decks each contain fifty unit cards - enough for almost any army you can imagine - and the advanced rules. Reinforcement decks also include two unit types not available in that army's Starter.

All you need in addition is a flat surface, an opponent, some dice and a couple of dry-erase markers.
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Battleground: (Fantasy Warfare) is a wargame which is played with cards.
By Aparadektos . - Apr. 14, 2018

"The game uses cards instead of models. The starter deck contains : 2 cards of reference - 1 with basic rules and 1 with 2 lists of armies, so with one deck can play two armies of the same race. 18 cards - undead units 30 command/spell cards 1 rulebook Why i like this game: You can play without having to assemble and paint models. Each deck fits in a pocket, so you can carry them and play wherever you go. It's fast to set up and to play (you dont have to worry about moving along scores of models, you just move the card). It's very cheap to have an army of this type of gaming. With one starter set there can play 2 people (i don't have the expansions yet, so think of the possibilities). It has nice graffics painted on cards. Distances can be measured with the sides of the cards, so you don't need to carry a measure tape. It has the unit's special skills, costs and equipment printed on cards. What i don't like or what needs improvement It should contain tokens for Standing Orders, for Command points and for damage (the instructions say to use an erasable marker on the appropiate fields on cards, but i think that after some uses it would strart to ruin the card, you can also search internet for icons and print your own tokens). The use of flat cards might seem odd to those who are using figures in these kind of games (althought i have seen photos in internet of people placing 15mm figures on the cards). Specifically for the Undead Starter Set-Deck All units except for the Death Knigths (who are the only living unit) pass automatically the courage (morale) tests. The Undead army has the special rule Reanimate, which heals one point of damage on one unit per turn, by spending one command point. Units Skeleton Cavalry X2 Ghoul Pack X2 Skeleton Horde X2 Skeleton Bowmen X3 Abomination X2 Zombie Troll Skeleton Troll Skeleton Spearmen X2 Zombies X2 Death Knights I hope this review will be usefull for you."
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