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Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Elves of Ravenwood Starter

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Battleground: Fantasy Warfare is a revolution in point-based table-top tactical wargame in which units are represented by cards instead of a collection of figures or models. We bring you all the charging, flanking and intricate manoeuvring of a great wargame in a convenient package for a fraction of the cost. Each BFW army comes in two decks. Army Starter decks contain 18 unit cards as well as that army's unique deck of Command cards and a rulebook. Army Reinforcement decks expand your design horizons with 50 unit cards, including two units not found in the Starter.

Classic Battleground unit types such as Spearmen and Bowmasters feature alongside stunning new units like Treants, Centaur Cavalry and Packs of Wolves. The special power that the elves possess allows them to invoke forest spirits which guide their weapons, enabling the elves to hit almost any foe.
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Elves of Ravenwood Starter
By Aparadektos . - Apr. 14, 2018

"For more on the core characteristics please read the Undead Army Starter review. Elves of the Ravenwood (or wood elves as i prefer to call them :P ) are the typical "nature" army. It has some animals in it's force which are more controllable if combined with specific units, thus you can make some combos when building your army. They have some good ranged units (they are elves afterall) and a powerfull Treant - tree creature. The command cards as in all sets affect most attack and deffence statistics, but elves are a bit more in affecting the outcome of the rolls you make and they have a few cards to help routed units to rally. Special Rules Spirit guidance : It improves the odds to hit for some units. Nets : Every to hit roll outcome of 1 (umodified) let's you roll one additional die "to hit" - in other words one more attack. They ignore terrain penalties for movement when they are in forest terrain Units Brownies X2 (cheap like the goblins from the orc army starter set, but less fragile and they are less likely to score hits and deal damage) Bear Pack (they always rush for melee unless there is a bearkin unit in the army) Bear Kin X2 (usefull if you have bear pack in your army) Stag Cavalry Wolf Pack (like the bear pack but with better defence in post route free attacks) Wolf Kin X2 (same rules with the bear kin) Ravenwood Archers X3 Treant Ravenwood Spearmen X2 Ravenwood Swordmen X3"
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