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Federation Commander: Academy Starter Set

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The new ''starter set'' for the Federation Commander game system! Includes everything you need to drive a starship, but at a lower cost.

Contents include: Complete rulebook from FC: Klingon Border, 216 half-inch counters, 22x25 paper map with 5/8 inch hexes, four starships (Federation heavy cruiser, Klingon D7 battlecruiser, Romulan War Eagle, Gorn battlecruiser.) Weapons reference card.

This product does not have the one-inch counters, hard-mounted maps, or many of the ships from Federation Commander: Klingon Border, but does give you everything you need to learn the game, fly hundreds of space battles, and participate in tournaments. You can obtain dozens of extra ships from the free Communique pdf downloads, and any of booster packs 0-12 will work with this product.

If you decide you love the game, you can order 4004 FC: Graduation which includes everything from FC: Klingon Border not included in FC: Academy.
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Academy Starter Set
By PWILLIA from Gainesville, FL. - May. 30, 2012

"The Academy Starter set is a great way to get started into Federation Commander. It gives you everything to get playing at a discount. If you already have a couple people in your group who have either the Klingon or Romulan Border kits then this is a perfect solution for you."
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