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Another Fine Mess (Fudge Animal Adventure)

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For use with Fudge and other role-playing games.

The Master has gotten himself into another fine mess - he's been captured by an evil sorcerer! What can you - mere animals - do?

Why, lots! Shadow the cat knows where the Master was captured. Reek the ferret is a contortionist and has a magic twig! Penny the falcon is fearless, while Midnight, the Master's steed, has strength and speed aplenty. Isabelle the bloodhound can track a scent anywhere; finding the Master is sure to be easy. Barney, although not of pure blood, is a strong, loyal, agile dog for whom most obstacles prove mere annoyances. Bandit the 'coon is clever with his paws - very clever. And Anaxagoras the owl is in training to be a wizard!

True, you're up against formidable foes. Even the Master admitted this sorcerer would prove tough to defeat, before he entered the sorcerer's lair. And Shadow knows what took the Master captive - horribly unnatural Abominations, part beast and part man and all terrifying. You can hear them in the distance, snuffling, snarling, crying, wailing . . .
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