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Classic BattleTech: Introductory Box Set

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Strap yourself into the ultimate suit of armor: the BattleMech. Thirty feet tall and weighing up to a hundred tons, this humanoid engine of destruction is a walking arsenal with enough firepower to level a city block. The BattleTech game system takes you into the world of the 31st Century, where war has become a way of life. You are a MechWarrior. You are in command of the most powerful machine on the battlefield, and hold the fate of empires in your hand!

The BattleTech 25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set thrusts you onto the battlefields of the 31st century. This box contains everything needed to play:

* 24 unpainted, ready-to-play plastic BattleMech minis
* 2 unpainted, premium-quality plastic BattleMech minis
* One 12-page full-color quick-start rulebook will have players into the action in minutes
* 36-page book of pre-generated BattleMech Record Sheets
* One 80-page full-color rulebook
* Inner Sphere at a Glance, a 56-page full-color book of universe background and BattleMech technical data
* One 16-page full-color Painting and Tactics Guide
* Two heavy-duty cards of compiled tables
* Two 18� x 24� game-board quality maps
Customer Product Reviews
Buy it, no wait, buy TWO!
By BadSyntax from Dallas, TX. - May. 8, 2014

"I bought 4 of these (to get 2 extra mini packs as part of a special) and couldn't be happier. Battletech is great, heck, it has to be to have kept the same basic rules for 25+ years. If your on the fence, don't hesitate. The new miniature molds are fantastic and you get 26 miniatures, 2 great map boards, a full sized map of the galaxy, and various levels of starter rules. I can't recommend this enough, even though I was permanently banned from their forums!"
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By Azmo from Louisville, KY. - Apr. 9, 2012

"This boxed set is a masterpiece. Improving on the designs in the previous set, this Anniversary edition lets you jump right into the action. I purchased this to introduce wargaming to my kids. The quality is stunning, from the art, to the clear way that the rules are laid out, this is a must have for any fan of Battletech."
Would you recommend this to a friend? Yes
Great starter set!
By THEREDZOMBIE from Phoenix, AZ. - May. 5, 2011

"I recently got back into playing Battletech after a 20 year hiatus, and I have to say that this set is the perfect choice for me. The rulebooks are nicely done and the Mech figs (although plastic) allow me to get into the game with a respectable amount of figs to choose from. The 2 resin figs are of good quality as well. This is the perfect set for beginners and people who wanna get back into Battletech without spending hundreds of dollars on figs and rulebooks."
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