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Mayfair Games and Martin Wallace are proud to present the next great railroad game series!

Steam places you in control of a railway company, with goods to deliver and track to be built! Opportunities abound, but your opponents can also take advantage of goods demands and the terrain to challenge you. Spend your money carefully, create a network of tracks to connect cities, and
deliver goods to become the greatest railroad of them all!

Designer Martin Wallace has revisited his classic design, streamlining it and creating not one, but two new versions of his masterpiece! Players new to the game can learn with rules that emphasize ease of play and a shortened play time, without losing the tension and excitement of the game. For those who are (or become) experienced with the game, a more challenging version introduces auctions and maintenance costs to challenge even the most savvy of players.

This new edition's components are compatible with previous editions of Wallace's game, so that current players can use their own maps with this edition. And, this base set gives you all of the parts you need for 3 to 6 players to explore the world, starting with this set's maps of New York and Germany's Ruhr Valley. Get onboard and get ready for fun!

Steam is designed by Martin Wallace, and plays 3-6 players. Game time is around 90 minutes, for players 10 years old and up. The component list has yet to be finalized.

-Ages 10+
-For 2-6 Players
-Playing Time 90-120 minutes
-ISBN 1-56905-215-8
-Art: John Austin
-Made in U.S.A. & Germany
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