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28mm Pike & Shotte - Saker Cannon + Crew

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The Saker was the mainstay of the artillery park. Large and fearsome enough to pound the enemy in the field and also manageable (just!) so that it could arrive on the battlefield. We forget today that 350 years ago in Britain few had seen the savage effects of gunpowder weapons let alone heard such a terrific noise as a Saker giving fire!
Crewed by a couple of specialists and a team of labourers who had to swab the gun and haul it back into position after each shot, artillery were much valued by generals of both sides. Their material effect on the enemy was often negligible, but the morale effect profound.
The Warlord gun team can be painted to represent any gunners in the 17th Century. Don�t forget that cannon seem sometimes also to have been painted in surprisingly bright colours, though we recommend Black for the barrel and ironwork.
The Saker is beautifully sculpted in fine detail and for this reason we have produced it in fine resin so that all wood grain and rivets are represented.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
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