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Castle Panic: Core Game (TableTop Reviewed)

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The forest is filled with all sorts of Monsters. They watched and waited as you built your Castle and trained your soldiers - but now they've gathered their army and are marching out of the woods! Can you work with your friends to defend your Castle, or will the Monsters tear down your walls and destroy the precious Castle Towers?

Castle Panic is a unique, cooperative strategy game for 1 to 6 players ages 10 and up.

Players must work together to defend their castle, in the center of the board, from monsters that attack out of the forest, at the edges of the board. Players trade cards, hit and slay monsters, and plan strategies together to keep their castle towers intact. The players either win or lose together, but only the player with the most victory points is declared the Master Slayer.

Players must balance the survival of the group with their own desire to win.

Game includes:

49 Castle Cards
49 Monster Tokens
6 Walls
6 Towers
1 Tar Token
2 Fortify Tokens
5 Order of Play Cards
12 Plastic Stands
1 Die

Players: 1 - 6 | Playing Time: 60 minutes | Ages: 10 +
Customer Product Reviews
Family Tower Defense Board/Card Game
By Hagakure from Tokyo, Japan. - Jan. 17, 2011

"Castle Panic is fundamentally a co-op "tower defense" game, where the players try to prevent wave after wave of monsters (49 tiles in all, including "special" tiles that are effects and not monsters) from destroying their six castle towers located behind protective walls at the center of the board. Monsters of varying strength (1-3 hit points) come randomly (based on die roll) from six sectors that surround the board, and converge on the towers one ring per player turn. On a player's turn, he/she plays cards that can attack any one monster in a certain sector and ring. Players can discard and redraw one card per turn, and can trade one card per turn trying to maximize all players? ability to damage monsters, and therein lies most of the complex defense decisions. Meanwhile, it takes a monster only four turns to reach and take out a wall protecting a tower, so the pace gets frantic and the game thus earns its "Panic" title. The game is great fun for both adults and kids. It's simple to learn and moves quickly, but surviving the onslaught requires enough tactical thinking (prioritizing targets and effectively using your one card trade per turn allotment) to keep adults engaged. In my house, there is always a lot of excited talking and laughing out loud, especially when an unlucky tile draw suddenly ruins our carefully crafted defense plans. The design (both visuals and mechanics) is elegant and simple, and the pieces are of nice quality. The "castle" pieces are minimalistic 2D cardboard on plastic stands, so don't buy this expecting the castle itself to be cool or expecting to design and build a defensive stronghold. The defense is strictly in the card play, and the pieces are just there as an avatar for your castle, which must be placed the same way each time; but one does find oneself passionate about defending those little cardboard towers! Buy this game for a really fun, energetic, easy-to-learn, co-op game play experience where planning and luck are both required, and things can change drastically with the turn of a tile."
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