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Savage Worlds RPG: Daring Tales Of Adventure Compendium 1

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Daring Tales of Adventure: Compendium 1 contains five two-fisted pulp adventures for the award-winning Savage Worlds roleplaying game. Each adventure in this popular series sees you heroes globetrotting the world in search of ancient relics, long abandoned tombs and thwarting evil plots!

To End All Wars
Nazi agents, deadly Amazonian flesh eating insects, a kidnapped reporter, and a daring raid on Washington D.C. are all in a day�s work for heroes who want To End All Wars!

Chaos on Crete
A missing scientist, a villain with plans of becoming a king, ancient puzzles, a deadly maze, a mythical creature that is not all the legends say it is, and a book whose contents could spell the end of mankind all mean its Chaos on Crete.

Web of the Spider Cult
When you find a dead body in your house, especially one which belongs to a notable explorer, you know it�s not going to be an ordinary day.

Web of the Spider Cult takes the heroes from the corridors and galleries of the Boston Museum, to the bayou of Louisiana, and onto the dark jungles of Mexico. There, amid the ruins of a centuries old temple, the adventurers face their greatest enemy so far in their extraordinary adventures.

The Treasure of the Templars
From the streets of Washington to the baking sands of Egypt, onto a Crusader castle, and finally to a vast ice fortress in the frozen north, The Treasure of the Templars takes the characters on a whirlwind ride in search of a treasure men have killed to acquire and killed to protect.

The Talons of Lo-Peng
In 1935 the heroes uncovered part of an ancient Chinese artefact in the mountains of Tibet, an artefact sought by a Chinese mystic by the name of Lo-Peng. A year later someone has stolen the relic from the Boston Museum. A strange Chinese pictogram left at the crime scene leads the adventurers on rollercoaster ride from Boston to Afghanistan, onto Venice, and finally to China and the tomb of the first Emperor.

Martial artists, ancient Chinese warriors with supernatural powers, deadly traps, and fierce Afghan tribesmen stand between the heroes and victory. Can the heroes escape the Talons of Lo-Peng?
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